Through Product design

  • Use of natural derived raw materials: PLA. Mater bi, Viscose, Cotton.
  • Increasing product performance and decreasing basis weight.
Throughout partnership

  • Several open projects with our key Costumers for the optimization of the Carbon Footprint
  • Open to create and preserve long term relationship with partners having common objectives to improve the environmental impact.
Through Product

  • Our zero emission technology to bond and perforate natural fibers and films.
  • Intentise program of Waste Management focused on total waste reduction and internal and external complete recycling
Throughout supply chain.

  • Reduce the supply chain by installing production plants close to Raw Material source and Customers locations.
  • Availability to cooperate with our suppliers to develop alternative raw materials.
Pantex looks at sustainability in a wide way, including social aspects. We are also committed to social responsibility with a number of projects involved in international solidarity With the commitment of all employees, Pantex family has grown by adopting childrens from less privileged countries, cooperating with international organizations that provide long-term interventions to fight against the causes of poverty and lay the foundations for a more dignified and good future for all. Pantex is proud of having made, this gesture of solidarity, meaning a strong and common sense of respon- sibilities and interest. Our work makes Pantex Family grow!