Pantex has been leading as innovator in the creation of engineered covers in the hygiene market for more than 20 years.
Customers’ needs together with an inventive attitude have brought Pantex to launch successful products meeting market demand for unique visual appearance, outstanding performance, great comfort at very com- petitive costs.

Through the years Pantex has been acquiring expertise in R&D, Manufacturing and intellectual Property, which are the Foundation for our perforation and lamination technologies, providing superior value in top- sheet applications for Fem Care, Baby Care and Adult Incontinence.

This extensive expertise enables Pantex to offer customized services, which include a wide range of lab tests on raw materials, film and nonwovens, and finished products.
As result of the R&D activities in the IP area, Pantex International owns an important number of World Wide granted materials and applications Patents.

Pantex International can also cooperate with customer’s R&D teams supported by its multi-functional pilot line in order to jointly develop successful materials.
As innovators we always welcome the opportunity to work with you. If you are faced with a chal- lenge, contact us!