Innovation-­driven global manufacture of specialty
nonwovens for the personal care market with over 20-­year market expertise.

Pantex International is a roll goods manufacturer which offers Premium materials for the Hygienic Market thanks to its three technologically advanced nonwoven and film manufacturing plants.

Production facilities in Italy and UAE enable Pantex to effectively support Customers worldwide.

Its Headquarter in Sulmona (central Italy) is equipped with 8 commercial production lines: one thermobonding line, two lamination lines with perforation capability, two lamination lines equipped with carding system, one next-generation pin perforation line, one line for manufacturing elastics and one vacuum film upstream line. In Sulmona there is also one multi-purpose pilot line where our R&D team designs and develops customized premium materials to be applied on femcare, baby and adult care markets.

Located in Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates, near Dubai) Pantex MENA produces a variety of vacuum perforated films for multiple applications. Strong expansion capacity program is ongoing.