In 1987, Pantex was set up as a privately owned industrial premi se, focused on the development of its new, breakthrough perforating technology.

2004, After several years of success and growth, Pantex was acquired by a Private Equity fund.

2007, It started the process for a global presence. First step:
Pantex opened a production facility in China (Guangzhou) in joint venture with Chisso Corporation.

2008, Second step: Pantex opened the production plant of Pantex MENA in the UAE.

2009, To face the new economic environment the company elaborated a long term strategy to further grow its global market presence.

2010, A group of new top-sheets and elastic laminates were successfully introduced into market and 2 new production lines were installed to meet increased products demand.

2011, To better leverage available resources a strategic decision to strengthen the presence in the UAE through a new production line in Pantex MENA and exit from the JV in China was taken.

2012: Delivery of double digit sales growth as a result of the strategy implementation. Pantex started the installation of a fully integrated and cost effective production line in Italy to answer the increasing demand for elastic products.

2013: Successful commissioning of the new production line in Italy in Q1.