In 1987, Pantex was set up as a privately owned industrial premise, focused on the development of its new, breakthrough perforating technology.

2004, After several years of success and growth, Pantex was acquired by a Private Equity fund.

2007, It started the process for a global presence. First step:
Pantex opened a production facility in China (Guangzhou) in joint venture with Chisso Corporation.

2008, Second step: Pantex opened the production plant of Pantex MENA in the UAE.

2009, To face the new economic environment the company elaborated a long term strategy to further grow its global market presence.

2010, A group of new top-sheets and elastic laminates were successfully introduced into market and 2 new production lines were installed to meet increased products demand.

2011, To better leverage available resources a strategic decision to strengthen the presence in the UAE through a new production line in Pantex MENA and exit from the JV in China was taken.

2012, Delivery of double digit sales growth as a result of the strategy implementation. Pantex started the installation of a fully integrated and cost effective production line in Italy to answer the increasing demand for elastic products.

2013, Successful commissioning of the new production line in Italy in Q1.

2015, Announcement to expand into United States was made and Q3 opening of Pantex Americas brought new innovations, a local supply and overall more support to customers in both North, Central and South America.

2017, Pantex is acquired by Fitesa S.A., becoming part of the Brazilian-based holding company Évora

2018, organic growth was realized through installation of Pantex Americas’ 5th production line specializing in perforated nonwovens and Pantex Italy’s purchase of new land and building for expansion into a second local manufacturing site.

2019, started up the 6th line in Americas specializing in 3D embossed nonwovens while Italy started production of three new lines dedicated to ATB, special TB and a new fully integrated elastic lamination line in their newest facility resulting in two production facilities in Sulmona.