Open House at Pantex International S.p.A. in Sulmona.

On Sunday September 22nd, the company hosted the employees’ families and the local Authorities to celebrate all together the 25th anniversary of successful productive activity in Abruzzo, Italy.

During the Open Day dedicated to this important achievement, the Management has been pleased to share with its guests an array of initiatives, including greetings of the Authorities, Company presentation and a guided visit to the plant.

The event has been delighted by children entertainment and traditional buffet, too.

Interviewed by local journalists, Gianluigi Fornoni, Pantex CEO, explained that “having a nice story to tell in a period where this is not that common in Italy, we decided to celebrate an important milestone showing to the families our working environment, where we spend most of our time, and to share with the local authorities the proud to continue to have a serious and successful collaboration that started 25 years ago”.